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Published by PIIHONUA | Saturday, April 27, 2013 7:43 PM

That ghost! I seen him again! Standing right there like last night, right by the lehua taro plant! : 486 words

KAIKA- Barry, I finally got a name for the dog, Butchie Girl. Now when we scold her, maybe she'll listen. Uncle Dane and Mama say we gotta scold her when she hangs around the taro plant, they say she barks too much around there, nobody knows why.

BARRY- Eh, you saw Honey Girl in school today? I don't think she has a boyfriend any more.

KAIKA- Oh no, not her again Barry, I stopped counting her collection of boyfriends a few years ago. Even before I stopped counting the new cards in my baseball card collection.

BARRY- Yeah, me too. She's not bad looking though.

KAIKA- Forget about her Barry, she's really bad news. Anyway, I'm not into all that paint she puts around her eyes. Gives me the creeps, and she's only twelve. Plus she goes through more packs of cigarettes than Uncle Dane on a Saturday night!

BARRY- Cut it out Kaika, you're just jealous cause she won't give you the time of day. She always says hi to me. She said she hopes I'm gonna make it to the dance on Saturday night. Maybe one day she and I can hang out like the high school couples you see at Alec's Drive In.

KAIKA- See! She brings trouble even when she's not around! Let's talk about something safe like baseball and Butchie Girl.

Kaipo enters.

KAIPO- Oh, that corned beef and onions on hot rice smells 'ono. Wow! Hardly get anything left! Da rice pot almost empty!

KAIKA- That's what you get for surfing and picking up wahines all day. You're seventeen now, you get all the privileges remember? No need cook rice, just come home in time for grind!

MAMA K.- Get plenty boiled peanuts and Primo left.

Mama K. leaves the room.

UNCLE DANE- Anybody asked Mrs. Yamaguchi for the Advertiser today? They say things are getting really bad in Nam. (Taking a healthy pull from his beer.) I wish I never went to Korea. I came back feeling empty, hollow, cold, like one ghost. More than ONE ghost, hundreds, thousands, millions. (Raising his voice.) That's how many dead bodies I saw, and they said don't talk about it, just keep moving, moving...Where? I couldn't move! I felt paralyzed! (Looking out the window.)
That ghost! I seen him again! Standing right there, just like last night, right by the lehua taro plant!

BARRY- (Speaking quietly.) Eh, Kaika, better call Mama K., here he goes again.

KAIKA- What can she do? He does this almost every night.

BARRY- Yeah, but only she can make him calm down.

KAIKA- What you talking about? The last time he went pupule, she was so scared, she no could talk. She said something later about the look in his eyes.

To be continued...


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