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There's a facination with stringing words together in a way they wouldn't normally fall. For me, that's what makes poetry beautiful and words so powerful.

Needle and Thread

Published by HINAEA | Friday, July 12, 2013 6:42 AM

Sonny Chillingworth, one of Hawai'i's prolific and renowned slack key artist, tells a story about the early love between his grandparents. Both families did not approve of their relationship, so his grandfather would court his beloved at night. Here he would put a needle into her metal screen that covered her window, tied to it was string that would be waxed. The other end of the string would be pulled along to where his grandfather would be, and the end of the string put into his guitar. As his grandfather would play, the music would vibrate through the string and against the metal window where Sonny's grandmother would follow the music - and the string - to her love. This slack key technique is known as needle and thread. Their love story inspired me to write this poem about my own love of my life. Our relationship started with a flower, that inspired him to write a song...and the rest is history.

When time tells our story
it will start with a flower,
that became a song,
strung together over years, across oceans – through
rains and dreams.

When love paints our story,
it will blossom in your heart again and again,
my colors reborn in you from fire and water until
joy falls in the shape of tears upon all the happiness
you hold in our child.

When I write our story,
it will bathe in faith and light
each word a poem tied to the stars casting hope
against heaven and earth
pulling their brightness closer to forever.


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