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Angel of Mercy

Published by RBIBEAU | Sunday, December 24, 2017 8:59 PM

A world peace message

Angel of Mercy

Sitting on the saddle
of a crescent moon
the Angel of Mercy looks down
upon this wretched jewel
of the universe
called Earth.

This angel of great powers weeps
for the castaways
who suffer indignities
that are too much to bear
and who seek release
from their tormentors.

The Angel of Mercy calls upon
the children we hide from society and junkies, whores, criminals, crazies, different, exploited, raped, abused tortured, committed, imprisoned, homeless, marginalized, refugees, abandoned, disabled, disregarded and

all who despair and who cannot defend themselves against injustice.

The Angel of Mercy beckons
them to follow the canyons
of the universe
to the other side
of the moon

the side that shines bright
from the sun
and knows no darkness.

Upon arrival
they will be greeted by

Van Gogh who shot himself
Modigliani who drank himself to death
will teach them to paint.

Beethoven who went deaf
Mozart who died a pauper
will teach them music.

Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Gandi
who were assassinated
will make them think
of equality and justice for all

Great opera singers like Callas and Caruso
will bring joy to your voices
to please the ears of all
who hear you.

Great chefs like Julia Child
will teach you how to cook and appreciate
the wonders of spices, fruits, nuts, vegetables, meat, fowl,and fishes
of the world.

Botanists will show you
the beauty and colors
of the garden
and smells
that delight the senses.

Jesus who was crucified
will give you
words of comfort
to learn to love yourself.

Nijinsky. Baryshnikov and Pavlova
will help you leap from the stage
To the stars.

Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Miller
will show you the mastery and
the power of the word
to tell your story.

Others will follow and teach you math, physics, astronomy, medicine, engineering, philosophy, languages, culture, history, legends, religions, psychology, metallurgy, geography, oceanography, literature, poetry, mysticism, and magic

and help you understand the connectedness of our past and future.

Then a great gathering
will occur on the white shore of a majestic blue ocean
where you will sit with your teachers
and learn silence, peace and love.

When the lessons are learned
they will rejoice as one
and forgive those who
trespassed against them

and finally, the Angel of Mercy will weep
raindrops on these
disposed inhabitants
to make them clean
and whole again.


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Bamboo Buckaroo - Sunday, December 24, 2017 11:56 AM.

Oh, my apologies. I see that you've decided to leave it as is, not a contest entry. There's still lots of time to get an entry in for this month.

Bamboo Buckaroo - Sunday, December 24, 2017 11:53 AM.

Aloha, rbibeau, this is good. I was wondering if you were going to shoot for the 2000 words with this one. As is, it exceeds a 100 word piece. If you were not planning to expand it, then I have two suggestions. Either leave it as is although not an entry for this month's contest, or enter its in 100-word increments over several months.