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God Like Fo' Talk Pidgin

Published by KACIE | Monday, November 17, 2008 12:33 AM

He stay real smart -
He know what I trying fo' say
when clarity falls through da pukas in my sentences
cuz my English stay all buss up
like Jesus when they hung him on top da cross.

Every time I gotta talk
I come scared
cuz I no like sound like I neva go school,
so I try fo' wrap up my words
like one banana lumpia or one lau lau,
gotta make like Adam
and hide 'em behind one big leaf
so I can pretend fo' be
all sophisticated.

But God,
all da time he tell me,
Hui Sistah! Why you gotta act?
No need dress up your speech
in one business suit.

He wen' tell me
dat when he gave da world da truth,
he gave 'em naked -
neva need be fancy,
neva need be shame.

So God, I going pray like dis to you,
cuz dis is how I like fo' talk
every time I go back Big Island,
and I like you fo' talk to my maddah guys
and everybody else who stay ova' there.

They gotta know
you hear their prayers,
even if get some people who no can
understand what they trying fo' say.

They gotta know
they no need pretend fo' be
somebody they not,
dat more better they be real
cuz you already love 'em choke
and you like fo' talk
pidgin with them.


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DARREL - Tuesday, November 25, 2008 4:43 PM.

Ho I no tink I can look at one banana lumpia or one laulau and not tink "I wonder what words stay wrapped up in here?" Of course and den you went wit Adam's wrapper right afta dat...funny!