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Eh! My Mahdah, She Good Li’dat.

Published by HAKEN | Sunday, August 29, 2010 5:47 AM

Here is something I wrote when I first started out in English.

Eh! My Mahdah, She Good Li'dat.

Eh! My Mahdah, she good li’dat.
Wen I wuz jus one kid.
You no, hanabahdah time.
She wen go da Principal Office, Kaiulani School,
fo’ pick me up cuz I wen beef with Felu in Kajiwara’s class.
She nevah yell or nottin.
Jus wen say, “so’kay, you my son. No go fight next time, k?”
I nevah wen ansah.

Wen I wuz one teenajah.
Cruzin time.
My Mahdah, she nevah wen go sleep till late.
HPD wen bust me fo’ stealin one car rajio.
Eh, my Mahdah, she good li’dat.
Nevah wen slap my head or nottin.
Jus wen say, “so’kay. You my son. No steal radio next time, k?”
But I nevah wen ansah.

Wen I wuz all grown up.
Homeless time
My mahdah, she good li’dat.
I wen stay with her fo almost nine months.
Cuz I wen lose my laundry job at Outriggah Hotel.
My Mahdah, she nevah wen complain or nottin.
Jus wen say on da way home,
“so’kay; you my son. Do beddah next time, k?”
Me, nevah say nottin and no ansah.

My Mahdah, she good li’dat.
But she wen go.
Old age.
I wuz in O-triple-C.
Wen rob one tourist.
My Mahdah, she nevah know nottin.
I wish she wuz hea.
You know, fo say,
“so’kay. You my son....”
I like ansah,
“yeah, promise.”


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BetweenWatersUnseen - Sunday, July 10, 2011 10:48 PM.

One of my favorites.

Neil Wyatt - Monday, August 30, 2010 10:09 AM.

Fine den, I not going enta if get dis kine good stuff. Kill fight! Nah, going try anyway but, ho bra!