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Great Fun!

Posted by JUJUBE
Sunday, March 15, 2015 7:40 AM

Thank you Kanuikapono School for your hospitality. I so enjoyed working with all of you. My thanks to all the students and teachers for a wonderful experience. Listening to the students chant the welcoming and closing oli was such a gift of light and love.
After our reading of a series of Ku’u Home poems—pictures and text, together with a follow-along Power Point presentation, which Christy Passion created for our program (Yah!)--we broke up into groups to do our own writing, the students ranging from six graders to seniors. I asked them for their names of which some were hesitant to disclose. But no matter. I then asked them to guess how old I was, and that brought a lot of interest. I asked one boy how old his grandmother was and he thought that she was about fifty-two years of age. So I told him, “I could be your great-grandmother. So be a good boy,” I said in a trembly, old-lady voice.” This cracked them up and so the ice was broken.
We cracked our fingers and did a free-write of about six minutes. I gathered the papers (anonymous) and commented on the good writing they all did. I eventually settled on a line to start their first poem: "My Thinking Leg is Burning."

This line generated a lot of interesting poems. For example:

My Thinking Leg is Burning

My hearing foot is mad,
my smelling hair is crazy,
my feeling ear is angry,
my tasteful toe is lazy.
My leg is burning, I have been biking.
My foot is mad, I stepped on attack.
My hair is crazy, it has mind of its own.
My ear is angy, there's a loud machine outside and it's making my ear
My toe is lazy, it has been walking and now is tired.
My leg is thinking.
My foot is hearing.
My hair is smelling.
My ear is feeling.
My toe is tasteful.
You don't believe me? Then ask them. They can talk you know.

Another first line is as follows: "Across the Deep Ocean."

Across the Ocean

I will wait for you on our island
built for two, sea over sea. I will wait forever
just for you cause what's Minnie without Mickey,
Donald without Daisy. What's a world where
Simba never roars and Dumbo's ears are no longer
big. I won't stop waiting for you until happily ever
after isn't true and music has no tune that's
when I'll stop waiting for you. But until that
happens on an island built for two across
the ocean that's where I'll wait for your
return my Hawaiian king.

I will post the rest of the poems on the Teacher's Corner.


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