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Most of our daily chores and the big topics of this world are - no matter how important they seem - missing the point. It's not "the economy, stupid", it's - as a Maori elder from Aotearoa said - about the people. I often ask myself: What makes me happy? What were and are the happiest moments in my life? And yet - what do I spend most of my time with...? Hawaii has changed my outlook on life, and I hope this Blog will help me not to loose this specific and highly cherished island pe

Blind Truth

Posted by STEFAN
Friday, October 10, 2008 5:33 AM

I close my eyes.
I am thinking, trying to fathom where I am.
How did I get here?
I close my eyes and remember how I once lifted up my eyes to the sky
And I saw,
to my amazement,
despite knowing it,
that the stars looked different.
What amazed me was that somehow, magically, they looked differently different from what I was used to,
what I expected.
I was in Hawaii.
I stood at Ala Moana Beach at night, in shallow water not far from magic island. Cool gentle waves rippling around my ankles.
While watching Alpha Centauri rising I suddenly felt it. IT – something, the deep knowledge that something is out there, a deep and profound truth, as real as any physical presence could be, but... when I tried to grasp it, tried to reach it, it faded away. The more I tried to hold on to it, the faster it slipped out of my hands. „Even though gold dust is valuable, it blinds you when it gets into your eyes“, or so they say...


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