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Most of our daily chores and the big topics of this world are - no matter how important they seem - missing the point. It's not "the economy, stupid", it's - as a Maori elder from Aotearoa said - about the people. I often ask myself: What makes me happy? What were and are the happiest moments in my life? And yet - what do I spend most of my time with...? Hawaii has changed my outlook on life, and I hope this Blog will help me not to loose this specific and highly cherished island pe

What is the point?

Posted by STEFAN
Friday, October 10, 2008 5:46 AM

Recently I gave a presentation at the annual symposium of the German Geographical Society's Marine and Coastal research group. The topic was the Hawaiian Ahupua land- and coastal management concept and how it compares to modern integrated coastal zone management concepts. A few people were interested in more details and were quite amazed about the intricate completeness of the Ahupuaa approach. A young lady asked me what the project was about.
"There is no project" I told her.
"But who sponsered your work?" she wondered.
"Nobody" I said.
"So why did you do it?"
"Because I think it is a rather valuable approach and want to spread the word about it" I told her.
That, apparently, was not enough for this young researcher. She shook her head in apparent disbelief and walked away. It seemed that for her something was not valuable if merely one single maverick old poop like me declared it to be. For her at least a project needed to be funded and legitimized by some kind of bureaucratic or in any way "official" entity to be considered valuable. My crazy idea however is that things, ideas and beings have intrinsic values. Just so.


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