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Hi Nicole.
Tuesday, February 01, 2011 12:01:47 AM

I don't know whether there are any "born writers". I do know that I have to write and rewrite my stories. My poetry usually doesn't need that much tinkering, if it comes from out of ...


Girls of St. Andrew’s Priory Make Connections
Wednesday, February 09, 2011 11:57:16 PM

There’s nothing like being appreciated and being told you’re inspirational. That’s music to anyone’s ears, especially a writer’s. After all, writing is communicating —making connections. That’s what ...


Michelle Cruz Skinner at Farrington High School
Monday, February 14, 2011 7:39:07 PM

I'll be visiting Farrington High School today to read from my books, talk about writing and education, and especially, meet students and teachers. Looking forward to it!


Michelle Cruz Skinner FARRINGTON: Thoughts about the visit, further questions, etc.
Monday, February 14, 2011 7:43:42 PM

Let me know what you thought about the visit to your school. Do you have any further questions? Any further comments?


How to post your poem
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 4:23:07 AM

Hi Lady Smurf and Colelee, I got your distress call. The problem started because the post of the first poem was done at the "comment" section of my last blog. Take a look at the Teachers' ...


What's Next? Continuing a renshi.
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 11:19:55 PM

Now that the first link has been done, how is one to continue? If the line is short enough, it can be the title of the next link and/or the first line of the next link or both. If the last line ...


4th and 3rd Grade Poets from Ma‘ema‘e Elementary School
Monday, February 28, 2011 12:03:13 AM

Mahalo Ms. Diane Koushki, Ms. Jan Zane-Chin, Mr. Peter Li, and the talented 4th and 3rd grade students at Ma‘ema‘e Elementary School! It was a pleasure to share renshi poems (tag poems) with everyone. ...