Honolulu: Livin' in the City #2

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 6:30 PM

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“Tutu on the Curb” by Eric Chock, read by Marianette Kauahikaua Bamboo Ridge 27 (Summer 1985): 59
Reprinted in The Best of Bamboo Ridge (Bamboo Ridge 31/32, 1986): 24
Republished as “Tutu on da Curb” in Last Days Here (Bamboo Ridge 45/46, Winter 1989/Spring 1990): 63
Republished in What Have You Lost? Naomi Shihab Nye, ed. (New York: Harper Tempest, 2001): 130

“The Moili‘ili Bag Man” by Darrell H.Y. Lum, read by George Kon Pass On, No Pass Back! (Bamboo Ridge 48/49, 1990): 71-77
Also read on audiobook by Darrell H.Y. Lum: Pass On, No Pass Back! Audiocassette. (Honolulu: Bamboo Ridge Press, 1990)

“Homeless” by Juliet S. Kono, read by Cecilia Fordham
Tsunami Years (Bamboo Ridge 65/66, 1995): 140-141
Reprinted in Imagine What It’s Like: A Literature and Medicine Anthology. Ruth Nadelhaft, ed. (Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2008): 251-252

“Freeway Poem” by Laurie Kuribayashi, read by Kristine Altwies Bamboo Ridge 24 (Fall 1984): 38-39
Reprinted in Bamboo Ridge 31/32 (The Best of Bamboo Ridge, 1986): 54-55
Also read on audiobook by Laurie Kuribayashi: The Best of Bamboo Ridge: Selected poetry readings by the writers. Audiocassette. (Bamboo Ridge Press, 1991)
In audio online at TYCA National Poetry Month Celebration (National Council of Teachers of English), Bradley Bleck, ed. Accessed January 13, 2011. http://www.ncte.org/tyca/poetrymonth.

“Fear Over the Ala Wai” by Rob Wilson, read by Jamie Simpson Steele
Bamboo Ridge 15 (Summer 1982): 59
Online at Historic Waikiki, DownWind Productions. Accessed January 13, 2011. http://www.downwindproductions.com/wilson_fear.html

“Said” by Lisa Asagi, read by Kristine Altwies
Bamboo Ridge 91 (Spring 2007): 38

“Meeting Old Friends Downtown by Accident” by Eric Chock, read by Nara Cardenas
Last Days Here (Bamboo Ridge 45/46, Winter 1989/Spring 1990): 61-62

“How the Island Works” by Gary Tachiyama, read by Jason Kanda Bamboo Ridge 36 (Fall 1987): 4
Reprinted in Growing Up Local: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose from Hawai‘i (Bamboo Ridge 72, 1998): 334


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