Food #3

Tuesday, December 08, 2009 6:30 PM

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"Gentle Curls and Tasty Noodles" by Brenda Holley, read by Wanda Adams, The Ten Rules of Fishing (Bamboo Ridge 26, Spring 1985): 48

"Miso Soup" by Paula Kuwaye, read by Cedric Yamanaka,"The Ten Rules of Fishing (Bamboo Ridge 26, Spring 1985): 49

"Jumping Salad" by Noel Abubo Mateo, read by M.J. Gonzalvo,
Bamboo Ridge 73: 20th Anniversary Issue (Spring 1998): 279

"Grandma and the Little Fish" by Mavis Hara, read by Karen Yamamoto Hackler Bamboo Ridge 36 (Fall 1987): 25

"Sashimi" by Juliet S. Kono, read by Kat Koshi Hilo Rains (Bamboo Ridge 37/38, Winter 1987/Spring 1988): 89-90

"Tea After Fish" by Eric Chock, read by M.J. Gonzalvo Last Days Here (Bamboo Ridge 45/46, Winter 1989/Spring 1990): 35 Republished: Ten Thousand Wishes (Bamboo Ridge 22, 1978): 22

"Lisa Kama: In the Snack Aisle" by Lee Cataluna, read by Wendy Muraoka Larrow, Folks You Meet in Longs and other stories (Bamboo Ridge 86, Fall 2004): 22-23 First published as "Folks You Meet in Longs: Lisa Kama" in Bamboo Ridge 81 (Spring 2002): 19

"A Day in Da Life of a Java Junkie" by Lisa Linn Kanae, read by Stephanie Kong, Bamboo Ridge 77 (Spring 2000): 94-96


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