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From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 63/64, Summer and Fall 1994, Full Moon, Last Quarter

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 10:16 PM

Triggers for July:

1. so here’s my recommendation

2. an unexcused absence from school

3. watched me like a hawk

4. suddenly it was quiet

5. I’ll never know for sure

6. laughing non-stop

7. how we all dream dreams

8. love's wheel turns

From “The Black and Yellow Raft,” by Jim Harstad

      “You know why I hate haoles?” Hiro Hirata glared at me with a cold intensity I don’t usually associate with dark brown eyes.
      “No sir,” I said.
      “It’s because every time a haole gets a chance . . .”
      Waitwaitwait. Let’s try again.
      The backyard deck where I write sits between two full-grown macadamia nut trees that could make me think I live out in the country, if I didn’t know better. I built it the week after our trip to Japan. It was one of many home-improvement projects inspired by that beautiful family adventure. When we got back, I felt almost Japanese. The projects helped prolong that feeling.
      On a corner of the deck, like a giant’s spitout wad of designer gum, lies a deflated black and yellow rubber raft. Beside it are two plastic black and yellow oars, neatly parallel, in contrast to the shapeless lump they were designed to propel. I bought the raft from Ala Moana J C Penney’s for less than $30 and used it once one Saturday in a June long ago.
      . . .


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