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From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 71: OUTSPEAKS: A RHAPSODY, by Albert Saijo

Sunday, August 25, 2013 10:42 PM

Triggers for September:

1. fast relief from pain
2. you know it can’t hurt you
3. an unsafe place to be
4. each small piece of me
5. like shifting into overdrive
6. so fearless
7. nothing but compassionate
8. no more seconds minutes hours days weeks years


I want 2 sides of brain equal size & in prefect sync delivering me the world ape ancestor dreamt of & not this right handed ad hype dreamtime – I want my golden age – I want devotion not systems of promotion – animal devotion – the quiet of the snake – the mean life expectancy of medieval Cistercian monk was 28 – say they entered order in mid to late teens – they had on average just a dozen years to break through to flower of death such was the physical privation trip of the order then – they could last just that long on roots oatcakes hard physical labor & poverty of the kind they put on themselves – here’s animal devotion – they understood body is allegory – they allowed themselves two beauties – chanted orison & smooth hewn stone – they made everything of stone – this was not civilization – it was the divine architecture of the hive – I want rapture for my natural state – I want to stand forth in Blakean nakedness with universal celestial almanac hardwired into brain so can travel to any point in time like space & return – I want to need no tool – I want to go to at least hexachromatic vision where air becomes so textured I can mount it like a bird – I want to pioneer this golden age of hexachromatic vision -- & as I roam over earth should I hit artic weather I want power of metabolic arrest so can freeze metabolism to 1% of nomothermic rate like some frogs insects & other animals can do so I freeze to crystalline state & reside in crystal cage as liquid light held by constant beauties of crystalline shift till warm returns to thaw me out -- . . .


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