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From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 72, GROWING UP LOCAL: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose from Hawai`i

Sunday, September 29, 2013 9:48 PM

Triggers for October:

1. he was so proud wen he brought um home
-- From “Da Glove,” by Eric Chock

2. it was somewhat scary, but exciting, and it didn’t take long to learn what to do
-- From “Rainbows Under Water,” by John Dominis Holt

3. once I tawt dat I would try do dat too
-- From “Fourscore and Seven Years Ago,” by Darrell H.Y. Lum

4. I’ll never forget you
-- From “The Dream-Flyer,” by Elizabeth Manly

5. this evidently was a sanctuary
--From “The Grammar of Silk,” by Cathy Song

6. come get food first
-- From “The Tempura War,” by Shayna Ann A. Coleon

7. the typical student response
-- From “From a . . . Box Builder,” by Lanning Lee

8. from the late evening to the early morning
-- From “Point of Contact,” by Alohi Ae`a

“A Scolding from My Father,” by Juliet S. Kono

What kind Japanee you?
Nothing worse in this world
than one Japanee
who like be something
he not.
No matter how much you like –
no can!
No can be haole.
Who the girl? You know, the Michael girl.
The doctor’s daughta, good-looking,
live in the big house Wailuku Drive.
Big eyes, nice car, blonde hair.
You like talk like one haole?
You like big eyes?
You try live their house?
No can be Chinee.
Rich. Wong-family-rich.
Daughta go Honolulu, dorm at Punahou.
We no more their kind money.
Me? I only one mechanic.
Your mother, Baker II
at Waiakea Waena Elementary School Cafeteria.
And no can be Hawaiian.
Like Keli`i family daughta.
You know which one – the smart one.
Good hula dancer, fast swimmer, going mainland.
You like dance like her?
Nice nose too she get – some tall.
You like one nose like her?
You dreaming girl.
Come from her mother side.
You one flat nose Japanee
because your mother get flat nose.
So why you like ack different for?
Why you like be something you not?
You no more shame or what?
Eh, you no figa too,
that maybe these guys
they no like you
suck around them?


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