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From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 73, Spring 1998, New Moon

Sunday, September 29, 2013 9:52 PM

Triggers for October:

1. what are you thinking right now?
-- From “After Words,” by Stuart Coleman

2. finally it was time for the celebration
--From “Godoy,” by Walter Hiroichi Higa

3. I want to stop her from growing
-- From “Skin to Skin,” by Peggy Hong

4. what did you know about love?
-- From “Poinciana,” by Juliet S. Kono

5. her angry eyes
-- From “Lo`i Kalo,” by Makia Malo

6. in a minute
-- From “Justice Driving,” by Wendy Miyake

7. one last chance
-- From “4 ½ Mos. After Your Death,” by Salt

8. to him it was too hard
-- From “A Story That Is Not a Story,” by Jue Wang

From “A Gun in the House,” by Mary Lombard

      Mrs. Ishi didn’t know what to think. That was her husband roaring up the street in their blue Toyota Corolla. He cut the corner, too, and bumped over the curb, and jerked to a stop in front of the garage. Mr. Ishi was ordinarily a cautious driver. A regular fusspot over the car. If anything raised his shackles more than Mrs. Ishi leaving it out while she put the groceries away, she certainly didn’t know what it was. Now he left it idling in the middle of the drive while rushing all the way to the front door before trotting back to turn off the ignition. He walked past the newspaper also. He stepped over it twice.


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