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Literary news from Hawai'i and elsewhere that we find interesting.

From BAMBOO RIDGE ISSUE NUMBER 75, Spring 1999, New Moon

Saturday, November 02, 2013 6:54 AM

Triggers for November:

1. in the fifth way of heaven, I stop talking
      From Ways of Heaven, by Rob Wilson

2. all day the sun and rain and eyes of children follow me
      From The Return, by Amy Uyematsu

3. some things are meant to be broken
      From Collateral Damage, by Alshaa T. Rayne

4. are you ready to do this?
      From Flying with the Baguio City Angels, by Margo Berdeshevsky

5. chicks kick ass
      From Reba Run, by Nancie Caraway

6. it's right at the beginning
      From Morris Moniz Lives, by J. Freen

7. the twentieth century has seen Hawai'i Creole English challenged over and over again
      From The Hegemony of English, by Ermile Hargrove and Kent Sakoda

8. stand up straight
      From Christmas Stories, by Jeffrey Higa

From A Little Crush, by Ryan Senaga

      I first saw her when I took Math 100 in my junior year. She had the kind of bleached brown hair and that deep kind of tan that came from tons of days spent at the beach. She was Asian although something about her straight nose bridge gave me the idea that she had some haole blood. She kept in good shape too: way solid breasts and these really nice smooth legs usually ending in slippers. The part of her I always liked though, was her back. Strong-looking with little ridges of muscle. She always wore these tight tank tops that showed a lot of skin below her neck. I had this feeling she surfed. She looked about 22 and most people who looked like that in Hawai'i surfed.
      She always came to class by herself. She never said hi to anybody even though the room had choke people in it. Sometimes she came late and sat down, long sun-bleached brown hair in a ponytail and Oakleys still covering her eyes. Here eyes weren't large. The were slightly narrow, not cute Bambi eyes. There was something a little more serious about them.


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