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FROM BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 78, da word, by Lee A. Tonouchi

Friday, December 27, 2013 9:42 PM

Triggers for January:

1. not by choice
2, I dunno how it happened
3. I used to go to my Grandma’s house
4. luckily we saw some
5. you know she’s just
6. betta chance than me
7. wuz crowded but
8. waiting

From “da word”:

Back den I nevah know. I wuz only one six grader trying fo’ make ‘em into Punahou,
     ‘Iolani, or Kamehameha. My faddah wanted me fo’ get in. I dunno why.
     ‘Friggin’ expensive go private school. I nevah like go cuz pressure ah. Get dat
     debt dat I gotta repay my faddah now. Not only I gotta be grateful fo’ him
     working hod, taking care me aftah my mom wen divorce us, but now I gotta
     be tankful dat he sending me to one “good” school so I can go “mainland”
     college and come one doctor. And not just anykine mainland school,
     preferably one of da ivory league kind schools. So to him I’m just like one
     investment. He nevah axed me if I wanted fo’ go private school. I guess wuz
     jus so he could brag to our family and all his friends, but wot about my friends?

And a bonus trigger for January: New Year's Traditions


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