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From BAMBOO RIDGE Number 81, Spring 2002, New Moon

Friday, February 28, 2014 4:51 PM

Triggers for March:

1. Cinderella mentality
                “Luciano and da Break Room Divas,” by Lisa Linn Kanae
2. on the day of the birth
                “Popo’s Shoes, “ by Bridget Dung
3. as long as she damn well pleased
                “The Passing of Time,” by Darlene M. Javar
4. we called an ambulance
                “Painting Carolyn’s Bedroom in August,” by Robin Lim
5. you’re coming with me
                “The Joy-Agent,” by Ian MacMillan
6. he couldn’t do anything
                “Manuela Boy,” by Michael McPherson
7. what were you thinking?
                “The Visitors,” by Cathleen Moore-Linn
                “Andy Warhol and Kahuku Grandma Must Be Soulmates,” by Leah Shlachter

Bonus triggers: Year of the Horse, Chinese New Year

Trying to Get Home
                By Ken Tokuno

In the forced patience of five o’clock on the H-1 Freeway,
My glance was pulled across the lanes, to an older haole
Man, bent over his steering wheel in a posture of sorrow.
Cradling his shoulders was a bright, multi-floral lei.

He was on his way home from the airport,
Having seen his youngest daughter depart for Seattle.
It was she who gave him the lei, herself
Having too many to take with her at the gate.

He had lingered too long in the terminal after her departure,
Watching her plane leave the runway and vanish
Into the incessant blue over Kaimuki
Where he was now heading through the commuters

Some with their own farewells fastened to the future
Or stored in their pasts. The traffic edged forward
And I lost sight of him as he continued in the direction
Of the horizon over which the sun would rise the next day.


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