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From BAMBOO RIDGE Number 80, PELE MA: Legends of Pele from Kauai, by Frederick B. Wichman

Friday, February 28, 2014 4:53 PM

Triggers for March:

1. they could watch everything
2. it didn’t matter very much
3. used to being stared at
4. what is your name?
5. we’ll see how he treats you
6. they were the wrong size
7. youthful strength

Bonus triggers: Year of the Horse, Chinese New Year

From “Ke Kaua Panina (The Last Battle)”

Kamapua`a, pig child,
The hog that roots up the land
Whose hand seizes the war club
Standing on the island of Kaua`i.
Your name, make answer,
The prize pig of the heavens.

From “Wai`au `au a Hi`iaka (Bathing Pool of Hi`iaka)”

      Pele-Honua-Mea grows restless from time to time. Lying on her bed of lava, sleepless, sighing, turning from side to side, she feels the ache, loneliness caused by the absence of her sister, Hi`iaka-i-ka-poli-o-Pele. She had carried Hi`iaka in her bosom, had sent her on the errand to Kaua`i to return with Lohi`au. Impatient, her swiftly rising anger overpowering her, Pele accused her sister of wrongdoing and covered Lohi`au with hot ash. Hi`iaka had left, swearing never again to look upon the face of her sister. Pele, in the long silent nights remembers and weeps. From time to time a desire to see her sister once again causes Pele to send out her spiritual form to Kaua`i where Hi`iaka lives.


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