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Literary news from Hawai'i and elsewhere that we find interesting.

From BAMBOO RIDGE NUMBER 82, YOBO: Korean Writing in Hawaii

Tuesday, April 01, 2014 6:10 PM

April Triggers:

1. what I wanted was
“Waterworks Series: Flagstones,” Willyce Kim

2, that’s the worst part about it
“The Tatoo,” Chris Mckinney

3. I feel a twinge of disappointment
“Obedient Son,” Mindy Eun Soo Pennybacker

4, I try to forget the world exists
“Contribution,” Ty Pak

5. I was always fascinated by her stories
“Americanization,” Peter Hyun

6. pidgin his teachers called it
“The Love Affair,” Constance Han Stewart

7. as if you were holding a river
“Taking a Chance,” Michael Darnay Among

8. it would be your problem
“Death of the Gods,” Alvin Koo

From “Akiko Buries Her Son,” David K. Choo

Koji, the smooth-faced dog-boy, was run over by the vegetable man and died in his mother’s arms. Before then the townspeople had thought that “the wishing” was only a rumor, but that day they saw Akiko Higa hold her once-retarded son and stroke his gray fur as he bled. Some say Koji had been chasing butterflies, leaping high into the air trying to taste them.
The vegetable man never saw him. His pickup swerved and lost half its load. Two crates of tomatoes bounced down the street and into the gutter, twenty pounds of tofu crumbled and six dozen eggs broiled in the sun. In her kitchen, with her hands in a ball of banana bread dough, Akiko heard the scream. She wiped her hands on her pick hibiscus dress that attracted bees, then ran out the door.
Koji’s flattened body lay in the middle of the street. He was surrounded by tomatoes. “Don’t touch him, he might bite,” a witness said. “He’s in shock, you know.”


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