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From BAMBOO RIDGE NUMBER 83, HE LEO HOU: A New Voice, Hawaiian Playwrights

Tuesday, April 01, 2014 6:15 PM

April Triggers:

1. any luck yet?
“Kamau,” Alani Apio

2. his body is still
“Kupua,” Tammy Haili`opua Baker

3. I no like Daddy be mad at us
“Kupua,” Tammy Haili`opua Baker

4. I told you we come straight home
“Kupua,” Tammy Haili`opua Baker

5. east side and west side
“Da Mayah,” Lee Cataluna

6. I know I late
“Da Mayah,” Lee Cataluna

7. I’ll take you to the best plate lunch places
“Da Mayah,” Lee Cataluna

8. then everything went black
“Ka Wai Ola,” Victoria Nalani Kneubhul

From “Da Mayah,” By Lee Cataluna:

Lester: It’s my mistake to make. After all, I am the mayor. I can hire who I like, and I can fire who I like. For instance, I hired you, and I can fire you. You’re forgetting how you got into this office. It was me. I brought you here. And I know you think what you do is vitally important. But face it, all you do is take ridiculously long lunches, answer a few phone calls, and decide whether you’re going to wear a pakalana or a pikake lei to the Governor’s reception. You must remember who I am. You must remember where I came from. I am a highly intelligent and accomplished man. Think of my background. I hold a certificate of completion from U.H. Hilo Special Learners Summer Session. I graduated with perfect attendance from Saint Joseph High School. For crying out loud, I was named Ideal Boy for the Keywanettes Club in my sophomore year. I am The Man in this town, and don’t forget it. My word is the law. So that’s the way it’s going to be. Derek Pang is the new County Director of Protocol. And by the way, he’ll need some room to work, so I’m giving him your desk. There’s a desk you can use out in the other room with the rest of the clerks and staff. You can move your things there next week.

Sandra: But I’m not a clerk. I’m your administrative assistant. I’m second in command. If you die in office, I would be mayor.

Lester: Quit whining. It’s the nicest desk out there. It’s the closest to the lunch room. You’ll like that. . . .


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