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From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 88, THE SEVEN ORCHIDS, by Ian MacMillan

Monday, June 30, 2014 5:28 PM

Triggers for July:

1. this helps make his day

2. I’ll show you

3. she didn’t sound enthusiastic about it

4 why was she doing that?

5. holding her breath

6. that’s the word

7. they just aren’t themselves

8. some of them not even born yet

     The large shed behind the sagging, termite eaten house was in the process of falling in on the mountain of junk that it held, sheets of its rusted corrugated roofing slapping and bonging in the wind. Danielle Baker and her brother Kimo stood in the high weeds off to the side of the dirt driveway looking at the damaged roof, and then around at the windy landscape. The parched, grassy foothills above the town of Kaunakakai baked in the mid-morning heat, the wind steady from the east, and those flapping pieces of roofing had kept Danielle awake half the night. The metallic bonging sounds had been random, on and off, with long silent stretches that would be broken by a sudden, rapid slapping, so in the morning she had asked Kimo to help her nail it down. It occurred to her that she hadn’t been out on this back section of the property since the first time she’d seen it.
      . . .


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