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From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 89, Spring 2006, New Moon

Monday, June 30, 2014 5:31 PM

Triggers for July:

1. they were talking about her now
     From “Katherine Higata and the Four Japanese Ladies,” by Barbara Hamby

2. it’s a better world
     From “A High and Beautiful Wave,” by John Wythe White

3. I must ask my mother
     From “A Stone, A Tongue,” by Lori Lei Hokyo Misaka

4. giddy with power
     From “Bernie Aragon, Jr. Looks for Love," by Veronica Montes

5. there’s no cure
     From “Witness,” by R. Zamora Linmark

6. she pronounces vegetable in four syllables
     From “The Chicharon Widows,” by Amalia B. Bueno

7. no can blame us for trying
     From “Hank’s Place,” by J. Freen

8. and then he did feel guilty
     From “Walter and the Dream Girls,” by Michael Little

From “Data Migration,” by Steve Shrader

we’re out at dusk image gathering
pale ones and the brilliant fading
small fleshy ones and one as hard as rock
that falls from the sky in a tongue of flame

. . .


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