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From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 92, MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS, by Joe Tsujimoto

Monday, September 01, 2014 1:03 AM

Triggers for September:

1. Thailand, eighteen months

2. it was a small event

3. I felt ill at ease in a suit

4. eloquent

5. no one took up his offer

6. there was nothing I could do about it

7. then I am floating in the air

8. the vice principal

From “Home”

     All the way up I pictured the cartoons that Mike had collected and tacked to his bedroom wall. He was about twelve at the time. One was of a man sitting outside at a small round table in front of a big window, which had painted on the glass: Café Disillusionment. The waiter, his posture upright, was standing opposite him. The caption read: “Your order is not ready. Nor will it ever be.”
     In another cartoon, in front of the Café Déjà vu, a man is walking by the window and is looking at a man seated inside next to the glass, who is, simultaneously, looking at the passerby. They have identical, deadpan faces. Big eyes like white discs.
      In another, a man in a long overcoat, holding a battered briefcase, stands with his back to us in front of a lobby map. An arrow point to a spot which reads, “Why are you here?”
     Why are you there?
     ”Here we are,” said Sully.
     . . .


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