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Literary news from Hawai'i and elsewhere that we find interesting.

From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 93, ISLANDS LINKED BY OCEAN, by Lisa Linn Kanae

Monday, September 01, 2014 1:04 AM

Triggers for September:

1. but I knew better

2. you won’t believe what happened to me today

3. don’t take your stress out on me

4. too late to return them now

5. just throw um away

6. I just love those shoes

7. can I help you find something?

8. Good enough, right, Girl?

From “Size 12 EEE”

     It’s like walking through paradise. There are so many styles to choose from now – so may more evening straps, downtown pumps, ballerina flats, porn star open-toed vinyl, leopard print house flops, Goth tire rubber, whip-me leather boots, surfer-girl thongs, dress sneakers (dress sneakers!?), and those sassy slings with the kitten heel that come in pinball machine colors – sweet, speedy and bright. Shoes I would love to buy, but I can’t wear to run after a bus.

      . . .


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