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From BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 98

Sunday, November 30, 2014 5:37 PM

Triggers for December:

1. what a strange creature
“J. Waldman, 1860 – 1953 ,” Peter Van Dyke

2. I think I just need to practice
“No Place Like Paradise,” Gail N. Harada

3. by men of all races
“Awan,” Jennifer Santos Madriaga

4. there was a war going on outside
“The Pigs of Hilo,” Emil DeAndreis

5. sometimes they just let you go
“Tonight We Champions,” Gavin McCall

6. all of this has been agreed upon
“The Reports of Surfing’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated,” Patrick Moser

7. my faddah had his own logic
“Some Kind of Jedi,” Lee A. Tonouchi

8. I didn’t know if she heard me
“Falling Water,” Mary Lombard

From “Between Sky and Sea,” by Donald Carreira Ching:

      Mark pulled his truck off Kamehameha Highway and parked on a strip of earth just off the road. Careful of the guardrail and the door of his Datsun, I slid out from the passenger side and out into the open air. A smashed hala fruit lay in the grass near the railing; I kicked it to the side and hopped the rusted barrier, the wind carrying the fruit’s smell away as I approached the ledge. Below my feet, rocks jutted down to the shore, to the black ocean collapsing in folds of velvet against the sand, its rhythm rocking a cluster of boats tethered in the distance. I listened to the hollow sound of the beating hulls and looked out towards Mokoli`i on the horizon, a shadow against the sky.


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