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Small Miracles

Published by Jujube | Sunday, March 15, 2015 8:11 AM

Student poems from Kanuikapono School: Introduction to Renshi

My Thinking Leg is Burning

My hearing foot is mad,
my smelling hair is crazy,
my feeling ear is angry,
my tasteful toe is lazy.
My leg is burning, I have been biking.
My foot is mad, I stepped on a tack.
My hair is crazy, it has a mind of it's own.
My ear is angry, there is a loud machine outside and it's making my ear buzz.
My toe is lazy, it has been walking and now is tired.
My leg is thinking.
My foot is hearing.
My hair is smelling.
My ear is feeling.
My toe is tasteful.
You don't believe me? Then ask them. They can talk you know.

Across the Ocean . . . .

Across the ocean is China.
Across the ocean is Hawaii.
In the middle is the equator.
The bottom is Antarctica.
Top is the North Pole.
I want to grab my fish pole.
and dig a hole to the South Pole.

Across the Ocean

Is where I see tourists come from
I hear different languages I can't understand
I feel the vibe of Japanese
I smell the waves of the Atlantic Ocean
My thinking leg is burning

I see students writing.
I hear students talking.
I see teachers watching students.
I see murals.
I hear ___________ and ______.
I smell shampoo.
I see words everywhere I go.
I see colors.
I smell perfume.
I taste chocolate.
I see cars.
I see books.
I hear teachers talking.

Across the Ocean

I will wait for you on our island
built for two, sea over sea. I will wait forever
just for you cause what's Minnie without Mickey,
Donald without Daisy." What's a world where
Simba never roars and Dumbo's ears are no longer
big. I won't stop waiting for you until happily ever
after isn't true and music has no tune that's
when I'll stop waiting for you. But until that
happens on an island built for two across
the ocean That's where I'll wait for your
return my Hawaiian king.

Across the deep

dark, blue ocean--
dolphins flapping their tails up and down,
whales enjoying their swim in the deep blue,
divers looking for he'e for dinner,
sea cucumbers lying there, slimy.
I smell the ocean blue and salty.

Across the ocean

we lay
eyes closed, deep breaths
float and dream
quiet and sweet
so sound and peaceful
no one notices the movements
stars blinking in and out
it's quiet.

Across the ocean

there's a fifty percent greater chance of success, whenever that means. It's loud and I can't write. Across the ocean maybe I can write. Across the ocean there's a new image. I've been staring at the same one for fourteen years. Across the ocean. I see more.

Across the deep ocean

I see fish jumping.
I hear waves crashing.
I see the golden sand.
I feel the burning sun on my skin.
I see colorful seashells.
I taste the salty air.
I see black rocks, big and small.
I see the blue ocean.
I see crabs run across the sand.
I see people fishing and camping.
I see trees.
I smell smoke coming from a bonfire.
I taste fish.
I see people waking on the beach.
I hear people talking.
I taste poke, hamburgers, steak,
and hotdogs.

Across the deep ocean

I see big waves crashing
I hear the ripples of the waves.
I feel the mists of the sea.
I taste the salt of the ocean.
I smell the smoke of a bonfire.
I hear the birds chirping.
I feel the hot sun on my skin.
I see the deep blue sea.

Across the ocean

you'll find land
with food
and another ocean.

Across the deep ocean

Lies all my favorite memories
So dry the land, red dirt everywhere
as hot as the desert but not as desolate
people so friendly greeting you with aloha
one place I love and really cherish
my wonderful birth place the one I'd call Ma

My thinking leg is burning

I see students running around at recess.
I hear students laughing at a joke.
I smell the sweat of energetic students.
I taste air.
I see people eating their food.

My Thinking Leg is Burning

Do you have your brain in your leg?
My hands are sweaty with my
bowl of spaghetti.

My Thinking Leg is Burning

I am terrible. I'll have you depend on me
and cut the string without blinking an eyes.
I can see people, closed-minded of course.
I want to write this but the thing in the back
of my mind is singing "don't." I am tired.

My Thinking Leg is Burning

My cousin yelled out from his room.
The poor lame boy, he was never right in his head.
I hear his bell ringing, as he clomps down the stairs.
What do you want?
He only points at the fridge,
making a weird sound.
He must want water.
The fridge door is a cold
bat as I grasp the handle.
He screams.
What's wrong with you!
Something thuds to the floor,
and we both job.
A hot coal jumps out of his pant leg.
You stupid! Let me get ice!
His face shrunk in shame.
He can't help what he is.
I fix him up and we walk out back.
Close my eyes, bang!
In better places now.
I walk back in and start fixing dinner.

My Thinking Leg is Burning

The bright glowing sun burns in my eyes.
I hear birds chirp like they sing a sleepy song.
I see my peers trying so hard.
I see Lalalea Mountain popping out in Anahola.
I smell my world that smells so well.

My Thinking Leg's Burning

I see the field.
I taste the cherries.
I feel the sweat on my brow.
I smell the freshly cut grass,
but what I want is to
see you. My mind wanders.
My body longs for your touch,
but my thinking leg is burning.
Bouncing, running, running toward
what could but never will be.

My Thinking Leg is Burning

My nose hairs are burning.
I smell chocolate.
I see a window
window big and scary.
I see a donkey.
I see ____________'s face.
I see___________.
I see teachers.
Bandaids stick on me.
I see _________'s small muscles.
I feel __________poking me.

My Thinking Leg is Burning

From this rigorous exercise
Making me sweat out all the nonsense info
forcing myself to solve the problem
Building my thinking muscles

My Thinking Leg is Burning

I see people eating it at pine trees
I hear waves crashing
I feel the wet grass when I fall

Across the Ocean

is a donkey
China smell sunny
Grace is in a canoe
race across the ocean
She made a potion
I am stuck on Band Aid
brands because Band Aids
stick on me
The snow
all my life has been
a series of door in my face
You act like you a
big muchacho but you

smell like rubber balls and nachos.

Across the Ocean

Across the ocean, my grandmother lives
past the redwoods of California,
past the deep canyons of Arizona,
into the red dirt heart of Colorado

Across the ocean, my uncle lives,
past the redwoods of California,
past the deep canyons of Arizona,
past the red dirt heart of Colorado
into the rocky hills of Utah

Across the ocean my grandmother lives
past the redwoods of CA
past the canyons of AZ
past the red dirt of CO
past the rocky hills of Utah
into the smoky air of New York

Across the ocean my grandmother's father lives
past the redwoods of CA
past the canyons of AZ
past the red dirt of CO
past the rocky hills of Utah
past the smoky air of NY
into the cold air of Massachusetts
and past all that my father's grandfather lives
in the crispness of Pennsylvania

Across the ocean my family lives
spread out over America like the seeds of a dandelion
on a warm summer day

Tsubaki and the Lion of a Forbidden Love

The tsubaki blooms and dies without a sound.
Eyes deep red, lips as soft as a rose.
I'm a tsubaki flower, moving quietly around throughout
the day. You never hear me bloom and blossom,
but you're a lion strong and proud roaring leader
with big brown eyes, mane as beautiful as the sun
above a forbidden love like Romeo and Juliet.
I'm stuck, stuck in love.

There's nothing special to my petals or my stem or the
blood that courses through me, but what makes me
special is the heart inside me that holds you near.
You don't notice me, but I see you not through my
eyes but through my heart, for I'm the tsubaki and
you a lion of forbidden love like Romeo and Juliet.
I'm stuck, stuck in love and I can't claw out,
but I'm a tsubaki and you the lion, but I will
love you eternally. Lion and tsubaki, forbidden love.



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