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Best of Bamboo Ridge

Best of Bamboo RidgeBest of Bamboo Ridge
edited by Eric Chock and Darrell Lum
ISBN: 0-910043-07-8
325 pages


This anthology of fiction and poetry is a good introductory survey of Hawai'i literature. Selected from issues of the first eight years of Bamboo Ridge, The Hawaii Writers' Quarterly, it features the work of more than 50 writers and includes an introduction by the editors as well as an essay on Asian american literature in Hawai'i by Stephen Sumida.
From The Kim Chee Test by Joseph Stanton

It wasn't because
I made your daughter happy,
wore hair on all sides of my face,
or voted for McGovern.

It was because on that day in 1972,
in the only Korean restaurant in downtown L.A.,
I passed what you called "the kim chee test."...

From Born of the Pacific by Toshi

She became obsessed with a passion to pattern her life as closely as possible to her concept of an ideal American...And people, noticing only its physical manifestations, were critical of her.

There was the way she carried herself--her back straight, her head held high, proud-like. There was the way she dressed--colorfully and distinctively; the way she fixed her hair ("Well, why not? This is a free country!").

There was the way she spoke, grammatically correct and each word accorded its proper pronunciation and precise enunciation.

Add them together and what do you get? Certainly not naturalness. Hisae, in the idiom of the Japanese Americans, was "haolified."