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Ho‘i Ho‘i Hou: A Tribute to George Helm & Kimo Mitchell

Ho‘i Ho‘i Hou: A Tribute to George Helm & Kimo MitchellHo‘i Ho‘i Hou: A Tribute to George Helm & Kimo Mitchell
edited by Rodney Morales
ISBN: 0-910043-08-6
113 pages


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This collection of photographs, poems, articles, song lyrics, and artwork pay tribute to George Helm and Kimo Mitchell, the two Hawaiian activists who disappeared off the waters of Kahoolawe in 1977. In the years since that time, George Helm’s very name has come to symbolize the Hawaiian Renaissance Movement, a spirit that lives on in his music and his vision. Part historical record, part celebration of that vision, HO'I HO'I HOU (giving back, returning, restoring, restitution) includes biographical sketches and a brief introduction by the editor.

"This anthology is a handsome tribute. The selections not only give us portraits of two dedicated men, but also an insight into why George Helm and Kimo Mitchell have inspired poets, musicians, artists and all who believe that Hawaii’s past must be a shaping part of its present and future." — Literary Arts Hawaii
from George Helm--The Voice and Soul by Rodney Morales

The pickup boat, scheduled for 11 p.m. that night, did not arrive. (It had sunk back in Kihei, its plugs were all out. Crew members were scrambling around for another boat.) Polo Simeona, the HOnolulu fireman who was to have provided a back-up boat, had left earlier that day.) A few hours later, at about 3 a.m. Sunday morning, the three supposedly entered the high surf on two surf boards in an effor to get to Maui, or Molokini, a tiny crescent-shaped island two miles off Maui's Makena coastline. Helm is said to have suffered a slight gash on his forehead upon entering.

Helm and Kimo Mitchell disappeared. Billy Mitchell, the lone survivor, says he last saw the other two near Molokini, struggling in the surf, and paddled back to Kaho'olawe to get help.