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Issue 91

Issue 91Issue 91
Bamboo Ridge
ISBN: 0-910043-77-9
360 pages



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BAMBOO RIDGE Issue #91 is an anthology of poetry and prose by 44 writers, including 29 Bamboo Ridge Writers Institute participants. Featured in this collection: Lee Cataluna, Kealoha, Brenda Kwon, Ian MacMillan, Chris McKinney, Susan Schultz, Lee A. Tonouchi, Cedric Yamanaka, plus winners of the Editors' Choice Awards, cover image of surfing legend Gerry Lopez along with an excerpt from his upcoming book, and selections from the late Kayo Hatta's journal notes and photos taken during the production of her movie, FISHBOWL.
In this issue:
Carlos Andrade ~ Lisa Asagi ~ Dave Manu Bird ~ Elsha Bohnert ~ Rachel Ana Brown ~ Amalia Bueno ~ Lee Cataluna ~ Sue Cowing ~ Tim Denevi ~ Esther Figueroa ~ Jesse S. Fourmy ~ Clint Frakes ~ Kimiko Hahn ~ Marie Hara ~ Gail Harada ~ Kayo Hatta ~ Mari Hatta ~ Ann Inoshita ~ Darlene Javar ~ Kealoha ~ Brenda Kwon ~ Michael Little ~ Mary Lombard ~ Gerry Lopez ~ Wing Tek Lum ~ Ian MacMillan ~ Chris McKinney ~ Michael McPherson ~ Alexei Melnick ~ Ursula Pflug ~ Kathy J. Phillips ~ Elmer Omar Pizo ~ Normie Salvador ~ Susan M. Schultz ~ Eric Paul Shaffer ~ Moriso Teraoka ~ Christine Thomas ~ Lee Tonouchi ~ Jean Yamasaki Toyama ~ Joe Tsujimoto ~ Peter Van Dyke ~ Cedric Yamanaka ~ Lois-Ann Yamanaka ~ Linda Yara ~ Beryl Allene Young
We could not believe our eyes. Every fantasy kindled by the surf magazines was now articulated in reality in front of us. We stripped down for business, whipped our boards out, waxed up, and paddled out into the lagoon, around the fence that went out into the water separating the adjoining pastureland from the village, and rode the current down the inner channel towards the end of the reef. Then someone commented on the color of the water. We were never a heroic bunch and so a little trepidation about the "man in the grey suit" entered the conversation. But the waves were so perfect, we overcame any hesitation about the strange territory and potential menace lurking in these waters and forged on.

- from Take Five by Carlos Andrade

She will forget her first tongue enough that she will eventually stumble over it. But she can never let it go because it has colored her blood for too many years. Sometimes she will want to say things to her daughter, but the new words won't always work. She will think furiously how to translate what she wants to say, but nothing will feel right. She will begin to speak, but never finish. She will feel, for decades upon decades, that she is caught mid-sentence.

- from an excerpt from Mother Tongue by Brenda Kwon

If you've married a Cosmo girl, you must pretend to be Mr. Right. There it is, short and sweet. You may not be Mr. Right. There may never be a Mr. Right for her. But for now you're it. Play the role. That's what I do. At first all the Mr. Right articles in Cosmo intimidated me. What kind of pressure is that to put on a boyfriend or husband?

Fortunately there is help available. Cosmo provides that special helping hand, each and every month (and I can consult Lucy's reference library for back issues). It's called "Cosmo For Your Guy." Everything you need to know about playing Mr. Right is in those articles. Lucy made sure that I knew about "Cosmo For Your Guy." It's required reading. After months of dating Lucy, and a year of marriage, I am Mr. Right. I know this because I say it to the bathroom mirror ten times every mmorning, when Lucy's not listening. Gotta do your reps.

- from Seven Ways to Tell If You Married a Cosmo Girl by Michael Little
Another is "Pakala," a story he wrote several years ago that is as much about plantation life on Kaua'i as it is about a favorite surf break. Lopez considers this his real favorite and is proud of the fact that it was selected for Bamboo Ridge.

"I've been reading Bamboo Ridge for years, but I've never had any aspirations of having any of my stuff appear there," he said. "Those are good writers. I am a surfer who writes a little."

His surfing friend and writing mentor, the late Big Island attorney Michael McPherson, helped Lopez make the connection to the journal. McPherson's poetry, short fiction, essays and reviews have appeared in literary journals, including Bamboo Ridge, since 1979.

"He was my tutor and helped me quite a bit," Lopez said. "He taught me about attempting to write seriously, and for that I am forever indebted."

McPherson told Bamboo Ridge editors about "Pakala," and they were surprised to learn it was written by Lopez. But they loved the story, said Eric Chock, an editor at Bamboo Ridge.

"It was nice to see that it was not just about surfing," Chock said. "It has a nice span of just growing up in Pakala and the local style. It has a little bit of plantation history and being Japanese."

A photograph of Lopez surfing a monster wave is on the cover of the new Bamboo Ridge. Chock, who grew up surfing south shore breaks, said it was a genuine thrill to have that shot.

"For me, it was just like a dream to have this famous person on the cover and in our issue," Chock said.
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