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Dat Buggah Ma Fadda (Part 4)

Published by HOMELESSINHONOLULU | Friday, October 19, 2018 5:59 AM

100 words for October

Part 1

"So wat da buggah said?"
ma madda asked afta
ma fadda dropped me off.

"About wat?"

"About wat?" she said,
mocking me. "How about
wat he promised fo pay
me in child support?

About wat?

Or how about wat he
owes me fo trowing one
brick tru ma windshield?"

She sat at the table looking
out da window, her eyes
neva meeting mine.

I always hated when she
brought him up.

Even yeas afta, wen I
taut she wen foget him
longtime already, she
go, out of da blue,

"Dat buggah was one
real piece of shit
I tell you."

Part 2

I neva saw ma fadda
trow da concrete brick
tru da windshield of
ma madda's cah

but was obvious wen
I came home from
school dat day an wen
see da brick laying
on her dash

dea must have been
plenny angah, plenny
violence fo lodge da brick
halfway tru da glass.

Ma madda could do
dat to one man, drag
her finganails true da
chalkboard of his back.

She wen leave da brick
like dat for days an wen
call all her friends
fo checkom out.

"Imagine driving around
town wit dat!" she wen
say, an everyone
wen laugh.

Part 3

Wen I was young
ma fadda wen move
us to one small town fo
make one new life.

He really moved us
so he could be wit
his new fling.

Ma madda neva knew
til was too late.

Da night she found out
she came home
smelling like cigarettes
an booze.

I could hear her
sobbing in her room.

I opened da doa
an she stay laying
naked in bed, weeping.

I wanted fo comfort
her but I felt shame
since she no mo

All I could do was
quietly shut da doa
as she cried herself
to sleep.

Part 4

One story ma madda
could tell ova an ova
again is da one wea ma
fadda wen almost get
run ova by his mistress
in our yard.

"She was da crazy one,
driving around in her cah,
screaming at da top of
her lungs, 'I goin kill you!'

An just like one tru punk
he go diving in da bushes
afta she wen accelerate,
lights blazing in his eyes.

Dat witch used to drive
by our house every
damn night!

I could see her from
our lanai, her head
sticking out da window,
driving back an fort,
back an fort."


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