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An Internee Mourns For His Son Who Died In Italy (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry60
Arrest (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry13
At The AltarChockEricpoetry47
At The Sand Island Camp (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry19
At The Volcano Internment Camp (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry16
Black Bear, Bea Eleele (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose96-99
Chinese New YearChockEricpoetry3
Closing Comments* prose70
Coffee ShackChockEricprose21
Comments on Milton MurayamaHiuraArnoldprose65-67
Cougar, Kouga (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose100-103
Country PieKubojiriClaraplay6-21
Country PieJelsmaClara Mitsukoplay57-74
Cow, Bipi (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose54-57
Crazy LadyChockEricpoetry44-45
Death At The Camp (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry61
Deer, Dia (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose80-85
Dog, Ilio (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose120-129
Driving Around The IslandChockEricpoetry4-5
Excerpt from "Mauna Loa Rains"JelsmaClara Mitsukoprose89-96
First Step On The Mainland (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry32
For The FieldChockEricprose6
Fort Sill Internment Camp (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry39
from "Hawaii End of the Rainbow": Escape from WaipunaleiMiyamotoKazuoprose44-59
from "Hawaii, Plantation of Destiny"FelipeVirgilioprose26-31
from "The Mystery of the Ku'ula Rock"FatJoseph Keonona Chunprose32-40
Gentaro AritaHoshidaGeorgeartwork45
Ghost FamilyChockEricprose24
Halema'uma'u (translated by Kalani Meinecke)Kanaka'oleEdithsong23
Haruto MorikawaHoshidaGeorgeartwork40
Hilo Hanakahi* song4
Homecoming (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry67
Hyena, Hiena (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose108-113
In This NightChockEricpoetry26-27
Introduction* prosevii-viii
John Dominis Holt and Hawaiian-American LiteratureHershinowSheldonprose7-12
Ka'u, Ke One Hanau (translated by Kalani Meinecke)Kanaka'oleEdithsong24-25
Kilauea Military Detention CampHoshidaGeorgeartwork17
Leopard, Leopadi (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose104-107
Lion, Liona (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose68-73
Long Night's MoonChockEricpoetry46
Lordsburg I.C.HoshidaGeorgeartwork40
Lordsburg Internment Camp (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry41
Manoa CemeteryChockEricpoetry10-13
Mauna KeaWebbMarthapoetry64
Maxine Hong Kingston: History As MythNgFranklinprose50-54
Mr. HiragaHoshidaGeorgeartwork37
Mr. Y. Hata - Fast AsleepHoshidaGeorgeartwork50
Mule, Hoki (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose58-61
Noho Ana I Hilo (translated by Kalani Meinecke)Kanaka'oleEdithsong5
On The Ship To The Mainland (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry28
On The Train (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry34
Photographs: Keiho Soga, Taisaonboku Mori, Sojin Takei, Muin Ozaki* photo8-9
Poem For My FatherChockEricpoetry8
Polar Bear, Bea Keokeo (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose92-95
Pulling WeedsChockEricpoetry7
Questions and Answers: Aldyth Morris* prose29-32
Questions and Answers: John Dominis Holt* prose15-17
Questions and Answers: Lowell Chun-Hoon and Franklin Ng* prose54-58
Questions and Answers: Milton Murayama* prose67-69
Questions and Answers: O.A. Bushnell* prose40-42
Reindeer, Reinadia (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose86-91
Remarks by Aldyth Morris: October 9, 1980MorrisAldythprose18-22
Remarks by John Dominis Holt: October 8, 1980HoltJohn Dominisprose3-6
Remarks by Milton Murayama: October 16, 1980MurayamaMiltonprose59-61
Remarks by O.A. Bushnell: October 10, 1980BushnellO.A.prose33-35
Remarks on John Dominis HoltSilvaCarolprose12-15
Remarks on Maxine Hong KingstonChun-HoonLowellprose43-49
Remarks on the Plays of Aldyth MorrisBowmanPierreprose26-29
Santa Fe Internment Camp (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry48
Shigeru AndoHoshidaGeorgeartwork45
Shoji FujishimaHoshidaGeorgeartwork40
Stone & Water: O.A. Bushnell and the GannenmonoOdoFranklinprose36-40
Tea After FishChockEricpoetry22
Teapot TalesJelsmaClara Mitsukobiography5-51
Teapot Tales: PhotographsJelsmaClara Mitsukophoto52-56
The BurningChockEricpoetry49
The Cave at KalapanaJelsmaClara Mitsukoprose83-88
The DiveChockEricpoetry25
The FisherChockEricpoetry42
The Hongo StoreHongoGarrettpoetry22
The Illustrator* biography10-11
The Languages of Confinement and Liberation in Milton Murayama's All I Asking for Is My BodyWilsonRobprose62-65
The Legend of KapalaoaKimuraLarryprose41
The PilgrimChockEricpoetry17
The Plays of Aldyth Morris: The Vindication of a Hawaiian Epic Dramatic FormCarrollDennisprose22-26
The Plum TreeChockEricpoetry14
The Poets* prose1-6
The StonesChockEricpoetry16
The Trip To The RiverChockEricpoetry34-36
The Unwilling BrideSaikiPatsyprose60-63
Tiger, Tiga (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose74-79
Tule Lake Internment Camp (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry59
UntitledLumDarrell H.Y.artworkcover
Untitled (A fellow prisoner) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry57
Untitled (A flock of black birds) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry68
Untitled (After a long half year) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry23
Untitled (After nightfall) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry42
Untitled (Ants climbing up my foot) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry53
Untitled (anything is material for art to love)ChockEricpoetry30-31
Untitled (As I doze at dawn) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry22
Untitled (As if to relish) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry18
Untitled (Autumn deepens) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry33
Untitled (Behind the moving train) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry36
Untitled (Beyond the forbidding fence) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry58
Untitled (Biting down my overgrown nails) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry30
Untitled (Even for the short time) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry38
Untitled (Fifty and more) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry63
Untitled (For those who work) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry31
Untitled (Gazing at the barracks) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)MoriTaisanbokupoetry25
Untitled (How lonely the delicate sound) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry55
Untitled (How many more thousand miles) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry35
Untitled (How menacing the howl is) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry43
Untitled (I bid farewell) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry15
Untitled (In my dream) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)MoriTaisanbokupoetry26
Untitled (In the sudden downpour) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry20
Untitled (In this desolate field) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry65
Untitled (Koko Head nears) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry73
Untitled (Late autumn gale) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry49
Untitled (Many a friend) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry52
Untitled (My comrade) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)MoriTaisanbokupoetry27
Untitled (My elongated shadow) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry51
Untitled (My hands lightly touch) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry47
Untitled (My wife and children) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry44
Untitled (our falling overflows)ChockEricpoetry37
Untitled (Sailing on the same ship) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)OzakiMuinpoetry29
Untitled (Sailing the same sea) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry70
Untitled (Should I talk) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry46
Untitled (Since there is no one) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry56
Untitled (spiritus the worm twisted at the bottom)ChockEricpoetry32
Untitled (Stained in blue) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry71
Untitled (There is nothing) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry21
Untitled (When the war is over) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry64
Untitled (While the MP's wait) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry14
Untitled (With morning sunlight) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)TakeiSojinpoetry69
Untitled (Within just ten days) (translated by Jiro Nakano and Kay Nakano)SogaKeihopoetry66
Waolani Stream, 1955/1975ChockEricprose48
Wolf, Iliohae (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose114-119
Yasuko RebelsJelsmaClara Mitsukoprose75-82
Zebra, Zebera (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose62-67
Zebu, Zebu (translated by Esther T. Mookini)RichardsWilliamprose50-53